Dear parents and family of the student,


College of engineering in Salahaddin university in Hewler is the biggest and oldest college of engineering in Kurdistan. Graduates of this college compete for work opportunities in local and foreign business companies and can find a place and job there. Graduate engineers from this college have been able to get jobs in Kurdistan, Dubai, Jordan, Qatar, Turkey, Iran, the United States, European countries and Australia and they have been successful engineers. Meanwhile, its graduates have the opportunity to complete their postgraduate studies in almost all international universities and there are many successful examples to mention. Therefore, be so proud that your child has been accepted in this college.

College of engineering in Salahaddin university in Hewler owns the best engineering labs across Kurdistan and they are similar to the labs of the world’s most advanced universities. Our teaching staff consist of the best academic teachers and engineers in Iraq. They have designed and implemented tens of international projects. A majority of our teachers are internationally known in their areas of work.

There is no tuition fee in our college except for the evening and parallel branches of study. Students do not pay tuition fees. The Kurdistan regional government pays the salaries of the college teachers and employees from the public budget. Three thousand students study BEng in eight different engineering areas.

In some areas, for instance, architecture department, a student is required to spend some money from their pocket to purchase boards and stationary needed to design and complete a project. This expenditure is estimated at IQ 200, 000 per year. They need to buy a multimeter when studying electrical engineering and the cost is estimated at IQ 50,000; a laptop when studying software engineering, at the cost of US $ 500 and in other departments, almost IQ 200, 000 is required a year to finish their studies. These amounts do not include accommodation fee for students staying in university dormitories.

College of engineering is on the Kirkuk main road. Public transportation buses from many neighbourhoods of Hewler pass by it. Buses carry students right from Franso Hariri International Stadium, situated on the 60th meter street, to the college of engineering. The college has two main entrance gates. There are two parking areas for student cars outside the college campus. Nevertheless, our college encourages students to use bicycles and they can bring in their bikes. Students are in no way allowed to bring their cars inside the college campus.

College council urges student parents to contact the college to know about the performance and status of their children and level of study. They can also visit the college and meet with the teachers or anyone who is concerned with their children’s study, including the department rapporteur (coordinator), head, assistant dean or even the dean in person.

College council calls on student parents to ask their children to respect college teachers and staff. Any attack on the teachers, whether it is verbal, or through a phone call, or through the social media means, will result in a one-year suspension of the student from their college. If the student attacks the teachers physically or by means of any object, they will be dismissed from college and their study files will be withdrawn.

College council urges student parents to ask their children to respect the diversity culture of Kurdistan, the values of secularism, multinationality and the religious diversity of the people living in Kurdistan. Finally , college council is keen to ensure the family of the students that their children will be studying in an academically, scientifically and socially appropriate environment and that they will be spending the best four years of their life here in college.