Dams and Water Resources Engineering

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

All experiments of fluid mechanics were carried out in the hydraulic laboratory of civil engineering department at university of Salahaddin. Parallel with the theoretical part of fluid mechanics several experiments were done in order to facilitate understanding theoretical part, finding some flow parameters that from theoretical cannot be find it easily and also for verifying the results obtained from the theoretical equations. In this laboratory lots of equipment are available were all experiments were carried out on it. The list of experiments of Fluid Lab. will be:


  • Reynolds Number (Re)
  • Center of pressure
  • Total Head Equation (Bernoulli Equation)
  • Flow through Orifice
  • Flow through Venturi meter
  • Friction in Pipes
  • V-notch Weir
  • Impact of Jet
  • Hydraulic Jump

    – For further information about the Fluid Mechanics Lab., download the following file:

    Fluid Mechanics Lab.

     Department of Dams and Water Resources Engineering at the Engineering College - University of Salahaddin-Erbil