Partnership with University of Florida

Partnership with University of Florida

University of Florida (UF) is a public comprehensive university in America, it has been ranked number 8 among public universities in USA in 2017.  Salahaddin University-Erbil (SUE) and UF signed a general MoU which  covers all  academic activities between the two institutions and their academic staff. 

This partnership is dated back to 2004 when Professor Carl Crane III the director of  Centre for Intellegent Machines and Robotics (CIMAR) met wit Professor Ibrahim Hamarash at the ICM04 Mechatronics Conference in Istanbul. The two faculty agreed to work together for joint projects and building sustainable partnership. In 2013 Professor Carl visited Erbil to give a speech about University of Florida and The CIMAR centre. The speech are welcame by the faculty at Salahaddin University-Erbil.

The First joint project is commenced in 2013, funded by Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) , the project titled: "Inclination Estimation of Links of a Serial Manipulator", the project team were Professor Carl Crane III, Professor Ibrahim Hamarash and A PhD. student Dler Salih. During the project, Dler Salih worked for 12 months in CIMAR centre.  The project completed successfully in May 2017.

The second project was establishment of Robotic Lab at the department of Mechanical Engineering (Salahaddin University-Erbil) with help and supervision of CIMAR centre. The lab has been opened in May 2017. Professor Carl Crane III attended the opening ceremony in Erbil.

The third project started in March 2017, titled "Use of compliance to simultaneously control manipulator position and resultant contact wrench", the project team are: Professor Carl Crane III, Professor Ibrahim Hamarash and A PhD. student Mustafa Atrushi. The student started the project  in CIMAR centre in June 2017  under the supervision of Professor Carl Crane.

The two universities plans to extend their partnership to include student and staff exchange and English language training for SUE faculties.