Erbil Centre for Sustainable Develeopment

Erbil Centre for Sustainable Develeopment


The accumulated international lessons and the population growth in the Middle East  during  the begining of twenty-first century and the expected large increases during this century require innovative efforts by all involved private and public sectors , regional and international to deal with increasing the  demands  in  the  urban  areas  and  the  related  consequences  on  society,  economy  and  environment. 
Eight key persons in five international universities have decided come together and establish a new international  Forum to deal with this issue by creating new forum for sustainable urban development in the  middle East. The members are:

1.Professor Dr.Adenrele Awotona ( University of Massachusetts, USA)

2.Professor  Dr Ahmed Dezaye (Salahaddin University-Erbil)

3.Professor Dr. Ibrahim Hamarash (Salahaddin University-Erbil)

4.Professor Dr. Dag Tvilde (The Oslo School of Architecture and  Design, Norway)

5.Professor Dr.Sabah Mushatat (Wolverhamton University, UK)

6.Florian Techel, MS. Arch. (Canadian University of Dubai, UAE)

7.Dr. Hoshiar Nooraddin (Canadian University of Dubai, UAE)

8.Asst. Professor Dr. Mahmood Khayat (Salahaddin University-Erbil)


These universities are  Salahaddin University, Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq,  CRSCAD  University  of  Massachusetts‐Boston,  USA,  The  Oslo  School  of  Architecture,  Oslo, (Norway), Wolverhampton University (UK), Canadian University of Dubai (UAE).

The group of the Forum has decided to arrange its first workshop in Erbil in 3‐4 December. This  workshop was an opportinuty for in depth discussion about the basic issues of the new Forum, also an opportunity to discuss the most pressing issues facing urban growth across Middle East with all challenges in this process.

In the meeting, the centre charter has been announced.