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Post-Graduate Study @College of Engineering 

The University has developed considerably as to undertake its role and duty towards the nation with the other universities. The main purpose behind the decision to initiate the postgraduate programs was to ensure the availability of future academic staff and researcher for Kurdistan region of Iraq. Postgraduate studies began in the Salahaddin University in academic year 1975-1976. The postgraduate study at Salahaddin University provides an integrated program of advanced study leading to discipline mastery and an understanding of related subjects. A thorough training in research skills associated with the base of knowledge for each discipline is implicit in all graduate programs.

The process of admission takes place for postgraduate studies i.e. MSc. and PhD. through a formal announcement after providing a special plan by scientific departments of different colleges and presented to the University Council. A special examination is proposed regarding to each field. The students who submit to complete their postgraduate studies can take the exam related to their field of education, and after passing the exam, he or she will grant the admission.

One of the important aspects of the Salahaddin University approach is that research and postgraduate training are interdependent. Thus, the University recognizes that an active research environment provides the best educational milieu for students and the university profile. These coordination efforts are directed at obtaining the resources necessary to mount and maintain scholarly and educational programs of excellence and, in some cases, to target specific areas for regional and/or national prominence.