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Design and build 12 systems for the administrative units in Engineering College by Fourth year Students
Software and Informatics Engineering department has a new scheme for this academic year 2016-2017, it was agreed that the summer training for the last academic year to be an integral part of graduation projects of this academic year.
The intended goals are to design and build 12 systems to serve the administrative units in our college, these system includes:Registration System, Archiving SystemHuman Resources System, Payroll System, Library Management System, Absent System, Warehousing System, Staff Attendance System, Planning Unit System,  Teacher’s Portfolio System, Student Feedback System, and College Websites System
*  The summer training started from 1/7/2016 until 1/9/2016 during this period students collect the required data and information to design the system for each unit  From 1/9/2016 until 1/12/2016 students design the system

* (On 20.12.2016 we held a workshop, students and members of the administrative units attended to discuss the designed system if it achieved their requirements or it need some modifications)

*  From 2/1/2017 until 3/4/2017 it will be the period for data entry and training the units’ members on the designed systems